Wee Free Moderator Continues to Hate Non-Believers

David Robertson, the Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland, really does not like people who have a differing viewpoint about religion to him and he is now going all out to insult them by comparing them to the BNP.

The term Wee Free is one that the members of the Free Church don’t like and find insulting and I really shouldn’t be using it but he is now going out of his way to insult people like me so┬áit’s time for some reciprocal treatment.

In his weekly podcast called Quantum of Solace, David Robertson proclaims that people should not have freedom from religion which is a common cause that humanist, atheists, secularists all share. It should be possible to live a life without having a religious person like David Robertson seeking to influence and dictate aspects of that life.

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