Douglas McLellan Chief Executive Humanist Society Scotland

Douglas McLellan Bio

I am Scottish born and bred and have worked in the voluntary sector for almost 15 years. I am a humanist and many of my blog posts will be related to that but I am also very interested in politics and civic society in Scotland and am really looking forward to the next Scottish Elections.

I am a member of the the Scottish Green Party and really should start to campaign more for them but I have had a weight problem for over 20 years now that I am also finally going to address so come the election I will hope to be a leaner, meaner campaigning machine. So of my blog posts will be about the weight loss attempt. As well as being able to help with campaigning and the obvious health benefits I have found that the success rate at job interviews for fat people is poor (University of Manchester research backs this up). So it’s an economical double whammy – eat less and save more and get better jobs in the future.

I also love my pug. His name is DougsPug which really should tell you a lot about me!